Clin Check

Clin Check

The Clin Check is the powerful software designed and developed by Invisalign, through which it is possible to plan in minute detail the correction of malocclusion. We start taking impressions of the dental arches of the patient. The impressions are sent to U.S.A. where they are scanned to create a three dimensional file of the dental arches themselves. At this point, Invisalign technicians, begin their work by changing the occlusion, according to information sent to them by the orthodontist in his prescription. Early versions of the Clin Check often require some changes. These changes are performed by the Orthodontist to achieve the best results. Once these changes have been completed, we can get the final version of the Clin Check. This latest versions is submitted to the attention of the patient to obtain his (or her) approval and so beginning the aligners production. It is important to stress that every Clin Check indicates the exact number of aligners necessary to modify the dental arches. Considered that each aligner must be worn for two weeks, to know the exact duration of treatment in months, simply divide by two the number of aligners.

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