Cosa Invisalign


INVISALIGN is a method conceived and developed in the USA , which allows you to treat virtually every malocclusion by means of clear aligners . As mentioned in the previous section , in order to be allowed to use this method you must have obtained the required certification. Invisalign does not require a particular and demonstrable experience in the orthodontic field to enroll the applicant in the training course. The only requirement is a degree in Dentistry or in Medicine and Surgery. It follows that, even if the aligners are made by the same supplier - ie Invisalign USA - the clinical results obtained by different dentists can vary, sometimes considerably. This is because the treatment plan is decided and set exclusively by the certfied dentist. Invisalign for sure does not replace the certified doctor, using the powerfull software (Clin check) they conceived as it was a “magic wand” to correct the malocclusion, but realizes the aligners adhering strictly to the prescription received by each dentist. This prescription is based on the orthodontic knowledge and clinical experience of the dentist. This is why in many cases the experience previously acquired by the dentist becomes of decisive importance.