Ortodonzia dr. Massimo Lozzi

dr. Massimo LOZZI

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Dr. Lozzi attended Gymnasium – High School Scipione Maffei in Verona and after the school- leaving examination he attended the faculty of Medicine and Surgery, first at the University of Bologna and after at the University of Verona where he graduated with a thesis in Orthodontics titled “ The surgical-orthodontic disimpaction of the impacted canine teeth”, supervisor Prof. Paolo Gotte. After having passed the State Examination he obtained the licence to practice as a Surgeon and he enrolled in the Register of Physicians and Dentists in Verona. He dedicated from the outset to practice Dentistry with particular interest to the occlusal problems both in the field of Prosthodontics and Orthodontics. To get a deeper knowledge of these issues he went to London to attend an internship at the Department of Prosthodontics at the London Hospital Medical College, University of London – School of Dentistry, Head Dr. Heath. Returned to Italy in 1986 he opened his own Dental Practice and during his clinical activity, day after day he realizes the relevance that correct occlusal relationships play in the field of conservative, prosthetic and periodontal treatments. In fact, if a good occlusion is present, these types of treatments can be performed more easily and the results you can obtain are better and last longer. For these reasons he focuses more and more his interest towards Orthodontics. In particular, he realizes the great potential offered by early treatment around 7-8 years of age, which makes it possible to intervene successfully on the occlusal abnormalities and oro-facial dysmorphoses and which very often allows to solve the problems of crowding without extraction of permanent teeth. Following this treatment approach , you can also significantly reduce the incidence of permanent teeth included , as well as restore the correct occlusal relationship of the dental arches in the three spatial planes (vertical , transverse and sagittal) , largely avoiding the need for orthognatic surgery in the adulthood. To expand his knowledge in the field of early treatment and on issues relating to the Dento -Maxillo -Facial Orthopedics , Dr. Lozzi becomes a member of the Italian Association of Orofacial Functionalists (A.I.F.O.). In this way he has the opportunity to follow a training course in Functional Orthodontics, attending for several years the Congress of the Association held every six months under the chairmanship of Prof. Mario Bondi. He is currently registered in the Register of Dentists of Verona at the no. 53.